ONF offers a variety of internship experiences for people interested in learning about and participating in our mission. Internships bring value to both the intern and to ONF. For the intern, it is a great opportunity to be a part of an important mission and to have a “true to life” work experience changing the world through open source. ONF believes that interns should be integrated with an existing team to help that team achieve its goals. Internships are not “on the side” … they are directly related to important deliverables. Yes, it is challenging for the intern, but it also gives the intern the best real world experience possible. The intern can expect to grow not only technically but also professionally. ONF also benefits from the diversity, enthusiasm and innovation brought by the intern. Interns have proven time and again that they bring a lot of value to ONF teams - not just in team deliverables, but also in teamwork and new ways of thinking about things. It is also a great opportunity to build relations that aid in recruiting for full time ONF positions - many of our employees were interns at one point. All ONF internships except for visiting professionals from companies are paid internships. What internships exist and who is eligible? 
  • Summer - summer interns must be eligible to work in the US without additional work permits or visas
    • High school students who are proficient programmers
    • College students, both undergraduate and graduate
  • Summer Urs Hölzle Scholarship - summer internship awarded to an underprivileged student of a local bay area high school
  • CO-OP - summer through end of year, or January through summer
    • College students with CO-OP programs
    • College students who want to take a semester off and gain work experience
  • PhD - flexible starting dates, minimum of 6 months up to 1 year 
    • PhD candidates who wish to align a work experience with their thesis
  • Post-doc
    • Researchers who want to further expand their applied research to real world problems for 6 months up to 1 year
  • Visiting Professional (unpaid by ONF, sponsored by their current company)
    • Professionals from member companies who wish to collaborate more closely with ONF to give their member company an advantage in adopting ONF platforms
Are interns accepted from outside the US? Yes, for internships that are 6 months or longer ONF will sponsor the appropriate work permit or visa and will pay for the intern to travel to/from their home country.

Timelines for application

  • Summer 2021 (closed)
  • CO-OP Summer/End of year (closed)
  • CO-OP January/end of summer
    • Apply before October 31st 2021
    • Decisions made in November 2021
  • Other internships open/ongoing enrollment
To apply send an email with your resume and interest to