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Project Pronto is building and deploying a beta-production end-to-end 5G connected edge cloud leveraging a fully programmable network empowered by unprecedented visibility, verification and closed-loop control capabilities to fuel innovation while helping to secure future network infrastructure. ONF’s Aether 5G Edge Cloud Platform is being used as the foundational platform for the Pronto project and leverages deep P4 programmability throughout the network.

Project Pronto is not an ONF project but a joint collaboration between Cornell University, Princeton University. Stanford University and the Open Networking Foundation which is funded by a $30M grant from DARPA. SD-Fabric is being used by the Pronto project, leveraging the full programmability of P4 to implement fine-grained measurement, network verification and closed-loop control. Pronto research results will be integrated into Aether to further enhance the platform.

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